Citag Group Pty Ltd is a leading provider of Nurse Call Systems, data and communication cabling, Intercoms, Security systems and DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) Systems. We are currently a small family based business on the Sunshine Coast and provide services locally, in the surrounding areas and Brisbane.

Our experience began in the I.T services industry in 1988 and since that time we have migrated to data and communications cabling and electronics. For the past several years we have been servicing the aged care industry in providing them Nurse Call Systems, Intercoms, Security, Digital TV and Data & Phone infrastructure. We have also provided our services to a number of commercial and domestic customers.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and relationship building with existing and new customers and will attempt to find or develop a solution to a customer's specific needs. We are supported by a number of Australian manufacturers, use quality products and provide quality solutions.

If you are in need of one or more of our services then please contact us for a no obligation quote and excellent service.

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